Gardenscapes New acres Game

Gardenscapes New acres

Gardenscapes New acres - guide, gold coins, hackingGardenscapes New acres game is a great “match-three” for Android. As soon as the game appeared, it immediately became popular. And today its popularity is only growing.

After all, the game Garden Escape has everything you need to relax. I must say that Gardenscapes New acres can be downloaded in the Play Store!

Gardenscapes New acres – how to earn stars?

The game Garden Escape is a bright delight, made in the genre of “three in a row”. So, you pass the level, get a star and improve your huge garden for it.

And here the garden is really big – the map is just endless. An important point is that improvements can be made only for the stars. And they, in turn, can be obtained only after passing the level. As a result, one level is one star!

Gardenscapes New acres – like gold coins?

You can download the Garden Escape game for android and get down to business right away. But after a couple of minutes it will become clear to you that without gold coins the game is almost impossible to pass. For coins you can buy boosters – help:

  • Bombs;
  • Rainbow discs;
  • Firecrackers;

And believe me, you will really need them. In general, they can only be bought with gold coins or won in the Wheel of Luck. However, the Wheel is only available once a day. But you can earn coins in the Garden Escape game in these cases:

  • After each level, the remaining moves (time) will turn into gold coins;
  • Coins can be won in Wheel of Fortune;
  • Golden moments can be obtained as a reward for completing tasks;
  • Some characters of the game give coins;
  • Coins can be obtained as bonuses;
  • You can get them when watching videos or downloading other games.

Garden escape – walkthrough

Many people ask if it is possible to download the game Gardenscapes New acres to your computer? Alas, no. But there are similar games for PC – this is a Wonderful garden, a Wonderful Ranch and others.

As for the passage, everything is simple here. Have you ever played casual games in the genre of “three in a row”? It’s the same here. In principle, Escape games garden passage does not require any effort. However, here are a couple of tips:

  • If you take help, then start the level with a bomb or a firecracker;
  • Watch out for water lilies on the field – they spin cocktails;
  • Destroy the honey tiles faster – they spread;
  • Save up gold coins – they will come in handy on difficult levels;
  • Visit the game every day to spin the Wheel of Fortune.

Gardenscapes New acres – mod, hack and hacking

To be honest, I don’t know what to even advise those who want to hack the Garden Escape game. What for? After all, you can play the game Garden Escape online and completely free. Although, if you wish, you can download Gardenscapes New acres hack. Just be careful about viruses and root data transmission!