Angry Birds 2 game

Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds 2 gameThe Angry Birds 2 game is a continuation of the popular Angry Birds game, which was developed by the Finnish company Rovio Entertainment. It was released in 2015 and is available for download on mobile devices with the iOS and Android operating system.

The gameplay in Angry Birds 2 has remained the same. Players must launch various birds from a slingshot to knock down the pig structures and score as many points as possible. However, there are also innovations.

Now each level has several stages, which makes the game more interesting and diverse. Also, Angry Birds 2 has added new birds with different abilities.

And also the ability to choose which bird to launch next. Players can also use magic cards, which provide additional benefits when completing a level.

The graphics in the game have improved, become brighter and more detailed, and the soundtrack has also received additional effects. Overall, Angry Birds 2 remains an entertaining and addictive game.

Angry Birds 2 – about birds

To play Angry Birds 2 well, you need to know the birds. It will not be easy to pass each level for “gold”. Moreover, you will not have money to help. Therefore, you will have to do it on your own.

A few tips and knowledge of the key secrets of the game will help you with this. Thus, we will tell you how to complete the game on Android only for “gold”!

Angry Birds 2 game – walkthrough

If you are interested in Angry Birds 2 hacking, then do not rush to conclusions. To get started, try our tips. You need to pay attention to the birds. Each of them has its own properties. So, there are several types of birds in the game:

  • Matilda;
  • Terence;
  • Chuck;
  • Blue Bird;
  • Red Bird and others.

Matilda can drop eggs like bombs. Choose places in the pyramid where it is best to drop a bomb. The bird can be used to destroy points at altitude, as well as the lowest obstacles. You can give Matilda a little push if you want to enhance the “explosion” effect.

In the Angry Birds 2 arcade game, a bird nicknamed Terence can act as a tank. He is very big and stocky. Terence is capable of destroying everything in his path. Its best quality is the ability to break through obstacles. However, he flies the worst. But Chuck is better considered as a bullet. Chuck knocks down beams well.

Secrets of the game Angry Birds 2, or useful tips

Now you can already play Angry Birds arcade online for free. Just download the game in the Play Market. As for the secrets, one of the most powerful birds in the game is considered a Bomb or a Black Bird. To use it as efficiently as possible, first select a location. The Red Bird or Red is the most popular of all birds. After the movie, especially.

Pay attention to the fact that the bird can move stone blocks. Unlike the Bomb and Matilda, Red falls more often. Finally, there remains the bluebird or Jamie. It’s very light. Moreover, in flight, the bird splits into several small birds. Such a bird in the game Angry Birds 2 best knocks down light partitions.