My Cafe: recipes and stories – a dream restaurant

Моя кофейня

My Cafe Recipes and StoriesMy Cafe Recipes and Stories is a great restaurant simulator on Android, which is gaining popularity every day. And today everyone is sharing experiences, recipes and other nuances about the game.

The full name of the game is My Coffee Shop recipes and stories. You can download the game My Coffee Shop in the Play Store!

My Cafe – stories

It should be noted that in the game My Cafe, the stories of visitors play an important role. Be sure to read what your customers tell you. They can tell you how and what to do, recipes and much more.

If you are polite, visitors can give you gifts or diamonds (crystals). In the meantime, the game Coffee Shop all recipes – tea:

  • Tea in English – tea, milk;
  • Tea with cinnamon – tea, cinnamon;
  • Iced tea – tea, ice;
  • Chocolate tea – tea, chocolate syrup;
  • Tea with cream – tea, cream;
  • Tea with lemon – tea, lemon;
  • Fruit iced tea – tea, ice, grape juice;
  • Vanilla tea – tea, vanilla syrup;
  • Tea with mint – tea, mint;
  • Invigorating tea – tea, ice, lemon, mint;
  • Tea with mint, honey and cinnamon – tea, cinnamon, mint, honey;
  • Tea with honey and lemon – tea, lemon, honey;
  • Tea with honey and milk – tea, milk, honey;
  • Kalmyk tea – tea, milk, cinnamon, salt;
  • Sunrise tea – tea, ice, lemon, mint, Grenadine syrup;
  • Berry punch – tea, lemon, grape juice, wild berries, Grenadine syrup.

My Cafe Recipes and Stories – all recipes

One of the key points in the restaurant simulator My Cafe Recipes and Stories are recipes. During the passage you will have to open new recipes. And that’s why this list may be useful to you. So, espresso recipes:

  1. Double espresso – espresso, espresso;
  2. Espresso macchiato – espresso, milk;
  3. Espresso “Mojito” – espresso, ice cream sundae, lemon, mint;
  4. Espresso con panna – espresso, chocolate syrup, cream, grated chocolate, hazelnut;
  5. Pink espresso – espresso, rose petals;
  6. Espresso with star anise and cinnamon – espresso, cinnamon, star anise;
  7. White glass – espresso, ice cream sundae, milk;
  8. Glasse “Paradise” – espresso, ice cream sundae, chocolate syrup, cream, vanilla syrup;
  9. Moccaccino – espresso, milk, chocolate syrup;
  10. Moccaccino with ice – espresso, milk, ice, chocolate syrup;
  11. Chocolate moccaccino espresso, milk, chocolate syrup, grated chocolate;
  12. Frappe – espresso, ice, cream;
  13. Frappe with chocolate – espresso, ice, chocolate syrup, cream, grated chocolate;
  14. Caramel frappe – espresso, ice, chocolate syrup, cream, caramel syrup;
  15. Vanilla frappe – espresso, ice, chocolate syrup, cream, vanilla syrup;
  16. Mint frappe – espresso, ice, grape juice, mint, vanilla syrup;
  17. Oriental coffee with cardamom – espresso, milk, cinnamon, grated chocolate, cardamom;
  18. Adrenaline with guarana – espresso, espresso, guarana.

My Cafe – prices for equipment

In the game My Cafe Recipes and Stories at the first levels, the prices for equipment seem small. But you need to take into account that prices are rising, and you have to buy a lot. As a result, everything starts with a harmless 50 coins, and after ten minutes the car for Americano is bought for 300-450 gold coins. As for the recipes, here’s another one – Americano:

  • Americano with milk – Americano, milk;
  • Americano with cinnamon – Americano, milk, cinnamon;
  • Creamy Americano – Americano, cinnamon, cream;
  • Americano with lemon – Americano, lemon;
  • Chocolate Americano – Americano, cinnamon, chocolate syrup, grated chocolate;
  • Bavarian–American coffee, chocolate syrup, lemon, grated chocolate;
  • Americano “Sweetness” – Americano, chocolate syrup, cream, caramel syrup, vanilla syrup;
  • Mint Americano – Americano, milk, mint, vanilla syrup;
  • Americano “Honey” – Americano, chocolate syrup, honey;
  • Americano Marshmallow – Americano, cinnamon, caramel syrup, marshmallows;
  • French Americano coffee, Grenadine syrup;
  • Americano with anise and lemon – Americano, lemon, anise;
  • Americano with nutmeg and cream – Americano, cream, nutmeg;
  • Americano with ginseng – Americano, ginseng;
  • Americano with kalgan – Americano, kalgan;
  • Americano with honey, ginseng and grated chocolate – Americano, grated chocolate, honey, ginseng;
  • “Ice coffee in Vietnamese” with tapioca – Americano, milk, ice, cream, tapioca;
  • Americano with saffron and cardamom – Americano, cardamom, saffron;
  • Bahraini coffee” with rose, cardamom and saffron – Americano, rose petals, cardamom, saffron.

Ice cream recipes in the game My Cafe

My coffee shop recipes and hacking stories are of interest to many. But why hack the game if you can play without it? In order to play and not need anything, we recommend to stock up on recipes. Here are some more ice cream recipes:

  • Ice cream sundae;
  • Ice cream with lemon – ice cream sundae, lemon;
  • Strawberry ice cream;
  • Ice cream with chocolate – ice cream sundae, chocolate syrup, grated chocolate;
  • Strawberry with cream – strawberry ice cream, cream, vanilla syrup;
  • Sundae with nuts – ice cream sundae, hazelnut;
  • Chocolate ice cream;
  • Shokomocco – chocolate ice cream, cinnamon, chocolate syrup, vanilla syrup, hazelnut;
  • Dessert “Winter berries” – strawberry ice cream, raspberry cake, marshmallows, coconut chips, wild berries;
  • Frozen yogurt;
  • Iceberg yogurt – frozen yogurt, chocolate syrup, cream, vanilla syrup, sea salt;
  • Berry yogurt – frozen yogurt, lemon, mint, wild berries.

My Cafe – a survival game or useful recipes

My coffee shop hacking – that’s what I’m interested in. However, even after incredible efforts and a lot of time, I failed to crack this game. All I could do was find a list of recipes. Do you like the game My Cafe? Then here are more recipes – yogurts:

  • Coffee yogurt – frozen yogurt, Americano, vanilla syrup, hazelnut, honey;
  • Mint yogurt – frozen yogurt, ice, grated chocolate, mint;
  • Rainbow ice cream – ice cream sundae, strawberry ice cream, chocolate ice cream, frozen yogurt, Grenadine syrup;
  • Ice cream with rose petals and cream – ice cream ice cream, cream, rose petals and cream;
  • Ice cream with anise and lemon – ice cream sundae, lemon, anise;
  • Ice cream with vanilla and star anise – ice cream sundae, vanilla syrup, star anise;
  • Ice cream “Force of Nature” with guarana – ice cream sundae, ice cream, strawberry ice cream, frozen yogurt, guarana;
  • Berry Smoothie ice cream with guarana – strawberry ice cream, lemon, grape juice, wild berries, guarana;
  • Chocolate ice cream with saffron – chocolate ice cream, saffron;
  • Yogurt with star anise, honey and vanilla – frozen yogurt, vanilla syrup, honey, star anise;
  • Yogurt “Vitamin explosion” with guarana – frozen yogurt, lemon, mint, Grenadine syrup, guarana.

The rest of the recipes of the game My Cafe recipes and stories you will find in the following article. Interestingly, there is a similar PC game on our website!