Updating the kitchen with your own hands

Обновление кухни своими руками

Updating the kitchen with your own handsUpdating the kitchen with your own hands is a rather complicated process, but it is quite feasible. Before starting work, you need to evaluate your own strength and skills.

It’s no secret that an ideal kitchen is the dream of every housewife who spends at least a few hours a day at the stove. Unfortunately, the finishing elements of the walls, ceiling and floor in the kitchen wear out quickly. Thus, the renovation of the kitchen can be considered a constant topical topic.

However, before the repair, it is recommended to carefully prepare and plan all actions. Most importantly, it is necessary to correctly calculate the optimal filling of free space, the location of objects and furniture. In addition, it is necessary to focus on the choice of building materials.

Updating the kitchen with your own hands: the choice of materials

It is recommended to choose wear-resistant and inexpensive materials for the kitchen. Some builders recommend starting kitchen repairs from the floor, in order not to spoil the walls. It is considered that ceramic tiles are a universal floor covering for the kitchen.

It is known that the tile is quite resistant to impacts and easy to clean. The disadvantages of ceramic tiles include low thermal insulation and high slipperiness. In addition to ceramic tiles, the kitchen floor can be covered with laminate or granite, which are also durable.

For those who think about health and environmental cleanliness, we can recommend natural linoleum, which has bactericidal qualities. It should be noted that most designers choose the color of the floor covering depending on the tonality of the countertops. However, if desired, the owners can experiment with the colors and patterns of the flooring.

Updating the kitchen with your own hands: wall cladding

After repairing the floor, you can start updating the walls. In this case, it is necessary to choose between paint and wallpaper. Of course, the wallpaper will look more cozy and attractive. But, the wear of the specified material is quite high. Painted walls can last longer, however, are less attractive.

It should be noted that non-woven wallpaper is the most suitable for the kitchen, which after gluing can be covered with any paint you like. In addition, with proper use, non-woven wallpaper can easily hide the shortcomings of the room, emphasizing the advantages.

In cases where residents prefer a clean environment to beauty and practicality. First of all, it is recommended to pay attention to the water-based paint. The only drawback of water-based paint is that the surface of the walls should be perfectly smooth.