Game My Cafe Recipes and Stories Game

Моя кофейня рецепты и истории

Game My Cafe Recipes and StoriesThe game My Cafe Recipes and Stories has won the hearts of many and continues to gain popularity. Every now and then users are interested in recipes and recommendations. Let’s look at the main recipes to be prepared in the game.

And also, we will consider the solution of problems and answers to the questions that the characters ask in the game. Moreover, it is difficult to earn diamonds and gold coins in the game. And you need to buy a lot of things!

Game My Cafe Recipes and Stories – recipes

So we decided to share recipes. If you like the game My Cafe Recipes and Stories, you want to go through it to the end, then here are some interesting tea recipes for you:

  • Pink tea – tea, rose petals;
  • Tibetan tea with anise and cinnamon – tea, cinnamon, anise;
  • Tea with anise, cinnamon and lemon – tea, cinnamon, lemon, anise;
  • “Oriental tea” with star anise – tea, cinnamon, lemon, caramel syrup, star anise;
  • Tea with ginseng – tea, ginseng;
  • Tea with kalgan – tea, kalgan;
  • Aphrodite tea with nutmeg, rose and cinnamon – tea, cinnamon, rose petals, nutmeg;
  • Tea with kalgan, milk and caramel – tea, milk, caramel syrup, kalgan;
  • Tea with kalgan, lemon and mint – tea, lemon, mint, kalgan;
  • Tea with cardamom, milk and lemon – tea, milk, lemon, cardamom;
  • Tea with tapioca, milk and ice – tea, milk, ice, tapioca.

My Cafe Recipes and Stories – tea

I must say that we published some of the recipes from the My Cafe game in a previous article. And about tea, that’s not all. I will not delay time, and describe the game My Cafe Recipes and Stories. Here are more tea recipes:

  • Tea with guarana, cinnamon and lemon – tea, cinnamon, lemon, guarana;
  • Guarana Arctic tea with mint, ice and lemon – tea and ice, lemon, mint, guarana;
  • Tea with saffron, milk and honey – tea, milk, honey, saffron;
  • Tea with kalgan, ginseng, milk and honey – tea and milk, honey, ginseng, kalgan;
  • Tea “Equilibrium” – tea, Grenadine syrup, anise, ginseng, kalgan;
  • Spicy East tea with nutmeg and cardamom – tea and lemon, grape juice and nutmeg, cardamom;
  • Tea with ginseng, guarana, lemon and mint – tea, lemon, mint, ginseng, guarana;
  • Tea with saffron, ginseng, lemon and honey – tea and lemon, honey, ginseng, saffron;
  • Tapioca tea with milk, vanilla and cardamom – tea and milk, vanilla syrup and cardamom, tapioca;
  • Tea with saffron, kalgan and anise – tea, anise, kalgan, saffron.

Recipes from the game My Cafe Recipes and Stories – baking

There are a lot of baking recipes in the casual android game My Cafe. And in this article we decided to tell you about them. Here are the baking recipes:

  • Cupcake with chocolate – cupcake, chocolate syrup, grated chocolate;
  • Croissant with ice cream – croissant, ice cream sundae, grated chocolate;
  • Croissant with chocolate – croissant, chocolate syrup, grated chocolate;
  • Raspberry cake “Summer” – raspberry cake and ice cream sundae, cream and lemon, strawberry ice cream;
  • Croissant strawberry with cream – croissant and cream, strawberry ice cream and vanilla syrup;
  • Mojito cupcake – cupcake, cream, lemon and mint;
  • Muffin “Black and white” – muffin, cream, grated chocolate;
  • Royal croissant – croissant and chocolate syrup, cream and caramel syrup, hazelnut.

My Cafe Recipes and Stories – baking recipes

  • Caramel tiramisu – tiramisu, caramel syrup, vanilla syrup;
  • Tiramisu “Magic” – tiramisu, cinnamon, grated chocolate, mint, hazelnut;
  • Tiramisu with lemon – tiramisu, cream, lemon;
  • Chocolate cake with nuts – chocolate cake, cream, grated chocolate, vanilla syrup, hazelnut;
  • Cupcake “Honey cake” – cupcake, cream, caramel syrup, hazelnut, honey;
  • Tiramisu “Winter Alps” – tiramisu, ice cream sundae, caramel syrup, hazelnut, coconut chips;
  • Tartlet “Traffic light” – tartlet, lemon, strawberry ice cream, mint, coconut chips;
  • Contrast cheesecake – cheesecake, cream, grated chocolate, chocolate ice cream, coconut chips.

Game My Cafe – baking recipes:

  • Donut “Wonderful” – donut, cinnamon, caramel syrup, hazelnut, coconut chips;
  • Donut “Donatello” – donut, lemon, hazelnut, honey, marshmallows;
  • Donut “Four syrups” – chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, vanilla syrup, honey;
  • Donut “Caramel” – donut, caramel syrup, hazelnut, honey, coconut chips;
  • Cheesecake “Wild berries” – cheesecake, lemon, grape juice, hazelnuts, wild berries;
  • Pudding “New Year” – pudding, ice cream sundae, cream, strawberry ice cream, chocolate ice cream;
  • Chocolate pudding – pudding, chocolate syrup, lemon, grated chocolate, hazelnut;
  • Lesnoy pudding – pudding, mint, hazelnuts, coconut chips, wild berries;
  • Christmas pudding – pudding, caramel syrup, hazelnuts, honey, marshmallows;
  • Muffin “Treasure of the Ocean” – muffin, chocolate syrup, grated chocolate, hazelnuts, sea salt.

In the game My Cafe Recipes and Stories – recipes:

  • Salted donuts, caramel syrup, sea salt;
  • Brownies with salt – chocolate cake, caramel syrup, hazelnuts, sea salt;
  • Chocolate cake “Surprise” – chocolate cake and cream, lemon, coconut chips, Grenadine syrup;
  • Cupcake with rose petals and lemon – cupcake, lemon, rose petals;
  • Cupcake with anise and cinnamon – cupcake, cinnamon, anise;
  • Cupcake with kalgan, honey and coconut – cupcake, honey, coconut chips, kalgan;
  • Spring cupcake with nutmeg and saffron – cupcake, vanilla syrup, sea salt, nutmeg, saffron;
  • Cheesecake with rose petals, cream and vanilla – cheesecake, cream, vanilla syrup, rose petals;
  • Cheesecake with anise, lemon and chocolate syrup – cheesecake, chocolate syrup, lemon, anise;
  • Cheesecake with cinnamon and star anise – cheesecake, cinnamon, star anise;
  • Fairy Tale cheesecake with cardamom – cheesecake, cream, lemon, caramel syrup, cardamom;
  • Cheesecake with saffron and vanilla – cheesecake, vanilla syrup, saffron.

Game My Cafe Recipes and Stories – recipes for muffins and tartlets

  • Tartlet with rose petals and cream – tartlet, cream, rose petals;
  • Tartlet with anise and chocolate syrup – tartlet, chocolate syrup;
  • Croissant with rose petals and strawberry ice cream – croissant, strawberry ice cream, rose petals;
  • Raspberry berry cake with tapioca – raspberry cake, wild berries, Grenadine syrup, tapioca;
  • Anise and vanilla muffin – muffin, vanilla syrup, anise;
  • Muffin with nutmeg, lemon and coconut – muffin, lemon, coconut chips, nutmeg;
  • Subtropics muffin with tapioca – muffin, coconut chips, sea salt, tapioca;
  • Tiramisu “Fairy Kiss” with cardamom – tiramisu, espresso, chocolate syrup, wild berries, cardamom;
  • Chocolate cake “Nutmeg and nuts” – chocolate cake, hazelnuts, marshmallows, nutmeg;
  • Chocolate cake with tapioca, nuts and honey – chocolate cake, grated chocolate, hazelnut, honey, tapioca;
  • Donut with honey, star anise and chocolate syrup – donut, chocolate syrup, honey, star anise;
  • Berry pudding with star anise – pudding, lemon, grape juice, wild berries, star anise;
  • Pudding with nutmeg, honey and hazelnuts – pudding, hazelnuts, honey, nutmeg;
  • Tapioca pudding “Festive” – pudding, vanilla syrup, wild berries, tapioca.

Game My Cafe Recipes and Stories – latte recipes

  • Latte with ice cream – latte, ice cream sundae, cream;
  • Summer latte – latte, ice, chocolate syrup, cream, grape juice;
  • Caramel latte – latte, cream, caramel syrup;
  • Lemon Mint latte – latte, lemon, grated chocolate, mint;
  • Ice latte – latte, milk, ice, chocolate syrup, vanilla syrup;
  • Bee latte – latte, cinnamon, vanilla syrup, hazelnut, honey;
  • New Year’s latte – latte, cinnamon, honey, marshmallows;
  • Latte “Sweet fairy tale” – latte, ice, caramel syrup, vanilla syrup, coconut chips;
  • Latte “Taiga romance” – latte, lemon, strawberry ice cream, mint, wild berries;
  • Sea coffee – latte, cinnamon, lemon, sea salt;
  • Latte with thyme, cinnamon and marshmallows – latte, cinnamon, marshmallows, star anise;
  • Latte with nutmeg, honey and cinnamon – latte, cinnamon, honey, nutmeg;
  • Chocolate latte with cardamom and vanilla – latte, grated chocolate, vanilla syrup, cardamom;
  • Latte “Tropical” with saffron – latte, vanilla syrup, coconut chips, saffron.

My Cafe Recipes and Stories game – cappuccino recipes

  • Spicy cappuccino – cappuccino, cinnamon;
  • Chocolate cappuccino – cappuccino, chocolate syrup, grated chocolate;
  • Megacapuccino – cappuccino, chocolate syrup, cappuccino, grated chocolate;
  • Vanilla cappuccino – cappuccino, cinnamon, grated chocolate, vanilla syrup;
  • Nut cappuccino – cappuccino, cinnamon, cream, grated chocolate, hazelnut;
  • Cappuccino “Honey” – cappuccino, cinnamon, cream, honey;
  • Cappuccino “Super marshmallow” – cappuccino, grated chocolate, caramel syrup, marshmallows;
  • Cappuccino “Berry smoothie” – cappuccino, grape juice, strawberry ice cream, mint, wild berries;
  • Cappuccino with nutmeg, ice and chocolate – cappuccino, ice, grated chocolate, nutmeg;
  • Cappuccino “Maxi” with ginseng – cappuccino, ginseng.

Game My Cafe Recipes and Stories – hot chocolate

  • Hot chocolate in Italian – hot chocolate, cream, lemon;
  • Spicy chocolate – hot chocolate, cinnamon, caramel syrup;
  • White chocolate – hot chocolate, milk, cream, grape juice, vanilla syrup;
  • Aroma chocolate – hot chocolate, cinnamon, grated chocolate, vanilla syrup, hazelnut;
  • Hot chocolate “Romantic” – hot chocolate and grated chocolate, mint, vanilla syrup, honey;
  • Hot chocolate “Winter Evening” – hot chocolate, cinnamon, cream, hazelnuts, marshmallows;
  • Everest Hot chocolate – hot chocolate, cream, vanilla syrup, chocolate ice cream, coconut chips;
  • Chocolate Sea – hot chocolate, milk, cream, caramel syrup, sea salt;
  • Hot chocolate with ginseng and lemon – hot chocolate, lemon, ginseng;
  • Rustic hot chocolate with tapioca – hot chocolate and milk, wild berries, tapioca;
  • Hot chocolate “Cheerfulness” with guarana – hot chocolate, lemon, guarana.